Without a shadow of a doubt, Golden Retriever is one of the country's most loved and top choices. They are the sweetest dogs and are well-known for their gentle temperaments and goofy personalities. And they can readily make a wonderful family pet.

But are you aware of the food their body demands?

All dogs are prone to significant health issues, but Golden Retrievers have a few things to watch for. They suffer from joint problems, allergies, and even cancer, which makes you care more about your dog. You must offer your furry friend high-quality dog food that can reduce health risks. If you are a new bee in the dog world, we are here to guide you on the feeding chart you need to follow for your Golden Retriever.

A complete feeding pattern according to their age

Many people get overwhelmed about what to feed their dogs. Can dogs eat bananas? Can dogs eat apples? Multiple questions are running through your mind. It is essential to provide them according to their age. Puppies demand less food than adults do. So keep up with the age feeding pattern for them. There is no need to stew; below is a pattern to follow according to the dog's age.

Two-month-old Golden Retriever

When your dog turns two month old, they are full of energy, just like a human kid. At this stage, these dogs are flourishing in their best self, making the need for nutrients and vitamins high. You should give your dog three meals in a day with a half cup of dry food per meal, and you need to provide them with a feast of one and a half cups per day.

Three-month-old Golden Retriever

As your dog becomes older, they demand more calories and vitamins. You need to increase portion sizes for dog food. Feed them two cups daily, and divide the meal into three.

Four-month-old Golden Retriever

You must feed your dog high calories and nutrients at four months, depending on how they eat. Ensure you monitor the activity levels and ensure they get enough exercise. You must check with your vet and ask them the amount to feed. You can provide them with two and a half cups of food daily.

Six months old Golden retriever

At this point, the Golden Retriever is almost grown. You must increase their portions to three and a half to four cups daily, and you don't have to feed them more often in a day. Whether your dog is male or female, you must provide them twice daily.

What are the things to look for in a Golden Retriever's food?

It would help if you kept certain things in mind when you meet the basic nutritional needs of a dog. Here is something to peek for when selecting a portion of good dog food for your Golden Retriever.

  • Choose natural, wholesome ingredients that do not require fillers, byproducts, or artificial additives.
  • Limited calorie and fat range to control development in puppies and preserve lean mass in adults.
  • Nutritionally whole and balanced formulas.
  • You must get a product rich in lean protein from high-quality animal sources like poultry, meat, and fish.

What foods are bad for Golden Retrievers?

Different types of dog brands are available that are safe and reputable to purchase for your dog. But there is particular dog food you need to avoid. Keep your dog away from grain-free dogs since they are more prone to heart disease.

Avoid giving low-quality dog food as they are made with cheap filler ingredients.

We recommend always choosing dog food, but dog parents often feed human food cooked with onions and spices, which is toxic for your dog.


Feeding a Golden Retriever is challenging, and you must keep up with the basics and provide them from puppy to adulthood. A Golden Retriever is a fluffy cute dog that entirely completes a home. But you must also add a little effort to support bone and muscle health. As a parent, it's your responsibility to feed them a healthy and nutritious diet. Now you have received the answers to the questions like Can I feed apples to my dog? Please pay close attention to their growth and other needs and timely consult a vet.

We wish you a happy feeding of your dog.